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SEO & Site Marketing


This is my fist blog post on TEI site, and we are going to post a blog post every other day.

Today I would like to talk about some SEO and SEM tools and how to get better ouf of our analytic details.

I would like to list some tools first:

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How to improve your User’s Experience

22 points to to improve your user’s experience

  • Run a usability test
  • Improve your navigation
  • Review your user guidance
  • Define the UX vision
  • Launch a survey

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Select Keywords for your SEO

The key to content optimization for SEO is matching one keyword to one page in a methodical and disciplined manner.

Make a seed list of the words that will be used on the page. Think of as many synonyms as possible and record them in a Word document or Excel spreadsheet.

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What's new in Joomla 2.5?

  1. Installation – includes an option to put the site into offline mode immediately
  2. Offline mode - ability to include your own image (Select your own image)
  3. Control Panel Quick Icons – alerts you if a Joomla or extension upgrade is available
  4. Smart Search – provides a better search experience

SEO meetup panel notes

I am sharing the notes that I wrote for personal use with others, just in case if it can help you to remember the todays panel discussions!


SEO panel

 Driven marketing 

Market validation 

Funnel and diversion rate down the funnel 

Keywords with conversion & demand mood

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