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How we integrate POS & e-commerce platforms :

Pricing strategy

From Venture Connection - Workshop 8 at SFU

Speaker: Steven Forth form Net solutions.


  • Pricing is a part of the innovation & the product!
  • Understanding value provided to customer
  • Segmenting the market, and the value added to each segment

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Marketing at its very best

Cult Branding

Have you ever witnessed a craze for a product or a brand that is beyond explanation? Apple, Harley Davidson, BMW and few other brands have established their own identity, and their own cult following. These brands have very smartly created an emotional bond with their followers and have made them believe that what they are purchasing is more than a product. In a Business world, every brand works hard to promote their services, to create an unbreakable loyalty bond with their customer, but only few are able to achieve this connection. So let’s see, things that make these brands so unique and special:

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Articles for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Articles: Their role and effect in Search Engine Optimization

Articles are generally written to enhance awareness about the business and what it stands for. A well written article very affluently describes the products and services, which the business has to offer to its targeted customers. But when it comes to Search engine optimization, role of articles becomes much bigger and substantial.

 Articles single handedly can create a niche for the business and mark it up in rankings on Search engine pages. Centered on main keywords, they make their mark in an influential way. The biggest benefit of these articles is that they can be submitted online on different platforms.

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90-sec pitch presentation for young entrepreneurs

An invitation from SUTA, and the chance for a 90-sec pitch presentation for  young entrepreneurs, put me in thinking of the following ideas to talk about:

idea 1:
Basic idea: Don't need to do everything by yourself, hire your first employee
Brief story: How by hiring my first employee, my company  changed and improved. Breaking the fear of hiring someone, and how overcome that.

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07 Oct 2014

12 Ways to build trust with your company’s online audience


It is difficult to build trust with those whom you have never seen as compare to those whom you can see and talk. In the e-commerce business also, it is difficult to build trust with a site because (a) you cannot see a virtual office or shop for such a business (b) it is very easy to create a fake site. People don’t want to get fooled and are afraid of shopping with any new site with which they have not done any business before and have not seen or heard of before. When you set up your online store you must advertise your site or do something to bring it to everyone’s notice so that people can come to know about and with the passage of time they can build their trust with your site and do business with you. There are other factors too which you need to consider. They are as follows:

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