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How we integrate POS & e-commerce platforms :

What's new in Joomla 2.5?

  1. Installation – includes an option to put the site into offline mode immediately
  2. Offline mode - ability to include your own image (Select your own image)
  3. Control Panel Quick Icons – alerts you if a Joomla or extension upgrade is available
  4. Smart Search – provides a better search experience

Mobile website Vs Mobile App

Every website owner,  when starts his/her plans to extend the website traffic via mobiles, will have first confusions,  whether to develop mobile application for their website or to build a mobile compatible website. Both the mobile app and mobile website have unique features that would be developed for a handheld touchscreen devices like smartphones or tablets.

Mobile app is an application with the functionalities of the website, in which the users will be allowed to download and install the files of the app into their device to use the application. Whereas the mobile website is nothing but the website gets loaded which will be compatible for mobile browsers.

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The Talking Family Doll House, Lion King Talking Simba, G.I Joe, Teenage Mutant Ninja, and all other enchanting commercials of 90’s which used to delight kids so much that their parents had to go to the mall to get the toys of their child’s choice. But today, gone are the days when we used to follow advertisements on TV, Radio newspaper or magazine etc.

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SEO meetup panel notes

I am sharing the notes that I wrote for personal use with others, just in case if it can help you to remember the todays panel discussions!


SEO panel

 Driven marketing 

Market validation 

Funnel and diversion rate down the funnel 

Keywords with conversion & demand mood

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08 Apr 2013

The clash of titans: Joomla vs. Drupal

Content Management systems are the life and soul of an e-commerce website. They allow developers to easily make changes and help clients to manage their sites effectively. In other words, it won’t wrong to say that effectiveness of a site is directly related to smoothness of its CMS. Last few years, have seen a tremendous battle of supremacy in this field. Many open source CMS have forward their claim and have created a niche amount their followers. Two names that have emerged in an imposing way in last few years are: Joomla and Drupal.

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