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SEO meetup panel notes

I am sharing the notes that I wrote for personal use with others, just in case if it can help you to remember the todays panel discussions!


SEO panel

 Driven marketing 

Market validation 

Funnel and diversion rate down the funnel 

Keywords with conversion & demand mood

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08 Apr 2013

The clash of titans: Joomla vs. Drupal

Content Management systems are the life and soul of an e-commerce website. They allow developers to easily make changes and help clients to manage their sites effectively. In other words, it won’t wrong to say that effectiveness of a site is directly related to smoothness of its CMS. Last few years, have seen a tremendous battle of supremacy in this field. Many open source CMS have forward their claim and have created a niche amount their followers. Two names that have emerged in an imposing way in last few years are: Joomla and Drupal.

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07 Apr 2013

Why HTML 5 is bigger and better

Hyper Text markup Language is not less than a Bible for the designers. For years, imaginative minds all over the world have decorated their art on web, using codes and tags of this language. Therefore, when a big announcement of HTML 5 was made, the curiosity among designers was justified. Now that HTML 5 is live and kicking let’s brief into reasons, why this language has become such a fad and how effective and better it is as compared to its previous versions:

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07 Apr 2013

Wordpress Vs. Joomla


Gone are days, when the whole team of developers was employed just to add and manage the content on the websites. In this new Open source era, this task is easily managed by CMS i.e. Content Management System. These CMS comes with inbuilt libraries and components that make the task extraordinarily simple for the developers. Not only they are mighty in their effect, but also provide some excellent e-commerce solutions to the customers.  Off many Content Management Systems that are available in the market, two of them namely: Wordpress and Joomla has made a favorable impression on the developers.

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07 Apr 2013

Magical Magento e-commerce

If you are looking for an e-commerce technology, which is reliable, flexible, expandable, enterprise level, inexpensive, stable and stylish, you are probably looking for Magento. It is an open source platform that has enticed developers all over the world with its unique components and rich class.

Web space is ruled and dominated by e-commerce sites and portals, and Magento has established its supremacy with its effects and use. Let’s read more into the features of this dynamic platform that makes its different and unique from others:

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