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High performance companies

I was reading few management articles, and I loved what I read. To keep it as a reminder to myself, I start creating a bullet point style list, which I finally decided to share it with everyone. Keep reading here again, as I will update this and add more every day that I going through those articles.


High performance achievement in a company is:

1-      Maintain a record of sustainable achievements

2-      Achieve consistent and favorable results

3-      Excel in achieving outstanding results

4-       Turns opportunities into results

5-      Strategically focus on achieving results

6-      Excel in developing programs that deliver results

7-      Exceed the norm

8-      Provide exceptional outcome



High performance accuracy in management is:

1-      Recognizing the high performance of accuracy

2-      Give the highest priority to achieving accuracy

3-      Performing with a high degree of accuracy

4-      Committed to flawless execution

5-      Continually starving to reduce errors

6-      Meet rigid specifications

7-      Maintain accurate documentations

8-      Use sound statistical methods to forecast with accuracy

Home Blog CEO's posts High performance companies