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Web Design Tips

  • Provide compelling content or something of value - Each page in your website has something valuable to offer
  • Avoid sleazy elements - Don't distract your visitors with blinking or scrolling text, animated GIFs, or auto-loading sounds
  • Avoid pop-up windows
  • Don't use image backgrounds
  • Make it easy to find staff
  • Minimize clicking
  • Limit page length to tow screen full, or 6-7 screen full for articles
  • Include a menu on every page
  • Compress your image files
  • Don't let flashy multimedia to ruin your website
  • Don't make your page too narrow or too wide
  • Use contrasting colors or simple backgrounds to make your text easy to read
  • Make the text large enough to read
  • Increase the line spacing(leading) to improve readability
  • Make links blue or underlined , or both
  • Don't underline words if they are not links