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Wordpress Vs. Joomla


Gone are days, when the whole team of developers was employed just to add and manage the content on the websites. In this new Open source era, this task is easily managed by CMS i.e. Content Management System. These CMS comes with inbuilt libraries and components that make the task extraordinarily simple for the developers. Not only they are mighty in their effect, but also provide some excellent e-commerce solutions to the customers.  Off many Content Management Systems that are available in the market, two of them namely: Wordpress and Joomla has made a favorable impression on the developers.

They both are cost effective, easy to understand and are flexible to use. The developers on both the sides, claim their CMS supremacy over other, and present their facts with great passion.  So, let’s see and compare few details, and figure out for ourselves, whose class of components outclasses the other.

  •  Ease and Effectiveness

 Joomla is easy to install and use. Developers working on it don’t have to code or sweat hard to develop site on this CMS. All the extension and features are developed keeping in mind the comfort level of the developers.

 Wordpress started as a blogging portal, and later got transformed into a full fledge CMS. Obviously since it has evolved, it is far easier to install and use. As each of the components in it is added after carefully analyzing the problem and its most valid solution.

  •  What have they built?

 Where Joomla shows its class in sites like, MTV Networks and Harvard University, Wordpress has NASA Ames research center and The New York observer added to its name.

  •  What Google has to say

 As per Google reports, Wordpress has emerged as a clear winner. It is the most searched CMS on the most popular search engine. Not only it surpasses Joomla, but also leaves behind other platforms like, Drupal and Magento.

  •  Features and Plugins

 Joomla is boosted with powerful search framework that allows commendable supremacy on Social networking features. It allows a good control to the administrator on all the contents. It lot easier to build a powerful functional web site with Joomla and extend the site.

 Wordpress is extremely simple in its use. Clients can easily control and handle their sites, once they are developed and make any changes as per their likings. In terms of managing the site, it is simpler than Joomla. There are not as many as functions available to WordPress as Joomla extensions.

  •  Final Comment

 Both these CMS are efficient and able in their respective areas. Where developers can easily use Joomla in developing sites with massive contents, wordpress can be easily presented for everyday blogging sites. Both these Open class platforms are supported by active and ongoing live communities that are adding new features to their platforms almost everyday.


Home Blog Web Tips Wordpress Vs. Joomla