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How our E-Commerce Solutions work

POS Software POS-UDI structure - How it works

The full POS Software e-commerce integration solution made out of four section, which is building the total POS Software e-commerce sollution. If you are an POS Software client, you most purchase the UDI-HUB lisence from POS Software to be able to ask TEI to integrated your POS Software system to an e-commerce solution.

Haveing UDI-HUB lisence for your server, your POS Software system will be capable of communicating with a 3rd party supplication like an e-commerce web site. TEI developed the solution that suncronize e-commerce websites with POS Software system, throgh POS Software UDI.

To have an integrated system with POS Software clients must have :

  1. POS Software System
  2. POS Software UDI-HUB license(s)
  3. A POS-UDI bridge to connect POS Software UDI-HUB to our e-commerce web iste
  4. An e-commerce web site

#1, and #2 are mandatory to be able to start haveing an e-commerce ingration with POS Software system. Clients must purchased POS Software sysem with standard UDI-HUB licese, and any other extra UDI-HUB icences that they might need. (TEI can help you to choose them right)

#3 is already made by TEI team since 2010 in three difrent platforms, (Joomla, Drupal, and Magent). TEI can embeded this solution to the proper made ready web site.

#4 is a professiona, scailable, solid, enterprise level e-commerce web site development and design that TEI can provide as the base structure of your e-commerce integration solution with client's POS Software system.


* if the client has an e-commerce web site ready, which is not based on Joomla+Virtuemart, Drupal+UberCart, or Magento community version, then TEI can develop the customer POS-UDI bridge for the platform that they have their web site made with. {Package B customizatiom} (May some limitation appliy to some platforms)

POS Software UDI-HUB structure

POS Software structure

TEI UDI-HUB Structure

TEI structure