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Site Maintenance Packages & supports

TEI Web Solutions has always been serving its clients and market with unconditional support and best services with its team of experts. To serve our clients better we have a Maintenance Plan in action from June 01, 2014 onwards. For the first 3 months bug fixing & support, after a new web site launched, will be free of charge unless it is a critical issue. Apart from the plan, all of TEI Web Solutions’ clients have an option of buying supports “As we go”, for which the price would $ 158 per hour. Otherwise, a Maintenance plan can be bought as described in “Appendix A”.

NOTE: For the clients buying Maintenance package, any extra time spent, apart from the package, the charges would be $ 119 per hour[1] instead of $ 158 per hour[2].

Method of payments:

  1. VOID Check.
  2. Preauthorize Credit Card payments.
  3. PayPal preauthorize auto payments. (2.5% fee will apply)
  • For a VOID check, please send a VOID check to TEI office.
  • For Credit Card (CC) payments please fill in the details in the attached form, sign and send it back to TEI office.
  • For PayPal payments, please also provide us with the email address attached to the PayPal account.


[1] Limited to maximum of 15 hours extra by this rate.

[2]. This package prices will expire after 60 days but once you sign it, it will remain same rates for at least one year for your company.



Item’s Description










Total monthly support hours included in the package




Ticket based support system through

Training and setup

Team-Viewer remote tech support

Hosting server support – 99% uptime.

Full site backup (daily renewed)

Phone and email supports


Biweekly offside backup on a remote server – One Copy


Remote database support


Email supports


Custom Site modification & adjustments



Monthly performance review



Install site updates



Highest support priority on calls



Please note:

1-        There will be tax(s) applicable to the fees.

2-        All services listed are limited to total hours in the package per month.

3-        No extra time will be spent on any issue outside the monthly package. In case, if any assistance is required then the issues will be delayed to the next month.

4-        No extra hours will charge to your account, unless there is a preapproval submitted.

5-        The unused time budgets are not carrying forward to next month.

6-        Fees will be charge on 1st of every month.

7-        If a service is not included in your package, then it will be charged the normal rate.

Maitenance Packages (Inc. Tax & Fee)