POS Package B
How we integrate POS & e-commerce platforms :

POS-UDI-HUB Package B - Your CMS

For pre-existing e-commerce sites which are not based on a Joomla and VirtueMart / Drupla and Ubercart / or Magento
(Need a full Custom Development for a new platform).

This offer is available as long as the pre-existing platform is not limited. TEI must be able to modify the system to integrate the solution. TEI requires both read and write permission to the database through our code. We must be able to create files and modify certain features of your site. TEI must be able to modify and change the CMS source code.

TEI can develop a custom solution for your site that can communicate with POS Software bi-directional. This process requires a Software Development Kit and documentation for the selected platform. This process usually takes few months to develop, test and deploy.

Note: If you already have a web development team, TEI can provide consultation. We have done more than 5 projects this way, and know all the keys in making things work efficiently. (Charges are based on an hourly rate)

There are two main types of e-commerce solution:

  1. Open source (we are able to host it on any web hosting) Ö (OK)
  2. Closed, limited solutions which run only on/from the hosting server
    • Open to developers through SDK or APIs to access the data Ö (OK)
    • Closed and there is no way to build and communicate with their database. X (Not possible)


  1. TEI must be able to access the solution to:
    • Add / Remove / Modify :
      • Product’s detail
      • Customer’s detail
      • Orders
    • Be able to get a trigger to launch the data collection after an order is completed
    • Be able to run automated Cron Task to run periodic data Send & Receive
    • Solution must be customizable for receiving upgrades after customization
    • Have some Software Development Kit (SDK), or API documentation / guide
    • A data diagram will be a huge advantage to decrease the development research process
    • Being able to setup the environment on a local development systems / servers
  2. Clients should know the system, and have a proper support package from the hosting company just in case TEI needs technical supports from the hosting server

Package Deals:

  1. This package covers the cases that are not fitting in Package A like,
    • Some solutions are totally closed, and there is absolutely no way to customize them
    • Usually template adjustments are on a limited platform and are not open to environment by 3rd party developers
    • Customer and it’s hosting will be in charge of backups on server based solutions
  2. This will be a total custom development, and TEI will keep all copyrights reserved on developed code, unless client wants to purchase the ownership of the source code.
  3. Usually it’s a long term development process (Three months plus)
  4. TEI pre site and hosting assessment required prior to installation. Hosting server must reach and pass all the POS-UDI-HUB requirements.
  5. All standard files are included in this package only.
    • UDF and other features are available through the options, and customizations

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