POS Package D
How we integrate POS & e-commerce platforms :

POS-UDI-HUB Package D - Customization

Clients who want to have a brand new, fully customized web site, integrated with POS Software, should attend a free one-hour consultation to assess project scope.
TEI will provide a project proposal within 72 hours after the meeting. Usually, the proposal will contain 40 or more optional features in addition to the project requirements. Each option will be individually described and priced.
Within another free half-hour consultation, we will select the best options for your business and then sign the contract to start the project.

For solution D, client can choose any of the 3 solutions: Joomla, Drupal, or Magento based on requirements.



Features Included:

  • Customer Group Pricing
  • Multi Image support
  • Auto un-publishing
  • S&H calculation by Unit & Weight


  1. This solution requires an hour meeting. The meeting can be over phone, virtual, or locally in TEI’s office in North Vancouver.
  2. Reviewing your requirement, we will ask you lots of question to do a requirement gathering, like”
    • Who are your target aUDI-HUBence based on 30-70% rule in matter of:
      • Age
      • Gender
      • Education
      • Wealth
    • What features you are looking for on new your new web site?
    • Do you have a hosting company already?
    • Do they meet all the TEI’s hosting requirements?
    • Do you have an in-house Graphic Designer?
    • How important it is to you to have a SEO applied to your site?
    • What is the current traffic on your site?
    • What would be the Goal and Mission of the new site?
      • And a lot more questions that we have to talk about
    • If client uses the UDF screens, it requires a full review and analysis, prior to out meeting. Sometimes, a full re-design might be necessary for e-commerce integration, to cover all your web site requirements.
      • A screenshot or access to sample products through POS Software BOS would be a plus

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